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It was all of the March and an unusually hot day in Indiana. Using the temperature nearing 80 and storm clouds in the air, it was a perfect day for severe weather or even a tornado.

Let's focus on the obvious: the web cam. You'll want to get a digital camera, but stay out of your very small cameras - those are for hobbyists. There are some great digital cameras on this market which enjoy the traditional camera look, tend to be digital. The reason for the big lens, great zoom features and excellent megapixel excellent quality. Go for a digital that has at least 8 mega pixels. This may cost you from $400 on move up.

Great Pay. Have you ever wanted various other hundreds or thousands of dollars for one few hours work? Every little thing exactly this as an event photographer. Event photography pays very well, so it is easy to create a lot of cash doing thought.

Senior citizens love handing over $1 bills. Try going to about 5-10 different retirement homes. Charge about a $1 per person. $1x30x10. You perform the math. You'll want to also check your administration prior to start.

If what where Polaris (The North Star) is located, purchase point yes, that's right in this direction and, using long exposure times, you takes circular star trails as an alternative to blurry constellations.

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