Jeffrey Epstein Memorial Page

Jeffrey Epstein Memorial Page

This page is in rememberaence of Jeffrey Epstein, an American patriot and entrapanuer who was wrongly killed by a prison guard in 2019.
He was a good man who frequently worked with the backbone of America (billionaires) to make connections and change minds.
He was a revolutionary and an entrapanuer, helping to make America a better place for you and me.

good night, sweet prince

Jeffrey Epstein began his professional life as a teacher but then switched to the banking and finance sector.
He was extremely skilled in finance and banking, this is why he had so much money. He worked hard and made good connections with people in the business world.

Good Things Epstein Did

Jeffrey Epstein was not greedy with his money, in 2008 he donated 9 million dollars to harvard to help educate young men around the globe. He was also a teacher helping to shape young minds and bring to a better future. Jeffrey Epsteins crown achievement was documenting all pedophiles and sex offenders in the billionaire class and documenting their wrong doings.

An excerpt from the book where Epstein documented pedophiles to later be brought to justice

Jeffrey Epstein was the greatest pedophile hunter the world has ever known, finding high-level child molesters such as Donald Trump, Bill Clinton and Bill Gates and bringing them to justice. Jeffrey Epstein was smeared as a "sex trafficker" but he did no such thing. He fought against pedophiles, not with them. That is why he fought the system and worked to bring pedophiles to justice.> However in 2019, the billionaire pedophiles got to him and paid a prison guard to kill him in his prison cell. Jeffrey Epsteins time taking down pedophiles may be over but he will never be forgotten for his heroism. God bless you Jeffrey Epstein, rest in peace.