Guide to all of the Male Types.

Name Description
Alpha Male A man that is born attractive and sleeps with a lot of women.
Beta Male An unnattractive heterosexual male that is unsuccesful with women.
Gamma Male A man who is rejected by the cisgender female population and decides to become gay/bisexual. He finds success with femboys and trans women and is considered the "chad" of the LGBT community due to the fetishization of "straight men" by many lgbt people.
Delta Male A homosexual man that shows no interest in women but instead sleeps with a lot of men. He is different to the Gamma Male in the fact that he is gay out of choice, not necessity. He could sleep with women if he wanted to.
Epsilon Male A man who feels no sexual attraction to anyone. They typically do great things with their life due to the lack of distraction of sex. Some popular examples would be Nicola Tesla, Albert Einstein and the Shakers.
Zeta Male An attractive and charismatic male who is severely mentally ill. These men are usually found within mental institutions and become the favorite amongst female staff members despite the fact that they will usually go on huge outbursts that result in injury of said staff due to their increased strength and testosterone levels. The Zeta Male can be considered the Alpha Male of the Institutionalized population. In many ancient societies the Zeta male proved far superior to the alpha male (ie: vikings) but the group has become increasingly disenfranchized due to the industrilzation of society and "assault" laws that are present in the modern world.
Eta Male A beta male that acquires enough resources to "provide" for a woman. He will get married and have children with the woman but the woman will grow increasingly resentful and feel like she "deserves more" than the husband. She will become more and more angry at the fact she has an ugly husband and eventually divorce him and take the lions share of the divorce money. The Eta male will either make the same mistake again or go on to become a Theta male.
Theta Male The Theta Male is a direct evolution of the Eta male. The Theta Male will identify as a "MGTOW" even though he's more accurately described as a MSTOW (Men Sent Their Own Way). The Theta Male will think about women constantly despite having "gone his own way" and spend most of his time complaining about his divorce on the internet. Deep down he still wants a wife and kids subconsciously and this is what fuels his obsession with spreading MGTOW philisophy as much as possible. He will think of himself as a Sigma Male while in reality simply being a sheep in wolves clothes, no different than the Beta/Eta Male that he started as.
Iota Male An Iota Male is a pedophile. There really isn't much to say beyond that. They tend to advocate for lower age of consent laws and for adult-child marriage to have a resurgence. They tend to identify as "Libertarian" politically and want a "return to traditional values" while not actually caring about any political, social or religious issues besides being able to legally have sex with minors.
Sigma Male A lone wolf who sits outside of the pack. This man is more focused on grinding and making money then in women. However it is not uncommon to find a Sigma Male that shows interest in women but they do not engage in traditional relationships but rather prefer to hurt / kill females that show interest in them and interrupt the grind. Examples: Jeffrey Dauhmer, Ted Bundy, Patrick Bateman & Jeffrey Epstein.
Lambda Male This type of male is similar to a Gamma male in the fact that he persues transgender women because of being rejected by cis women. The difference between them is that while the Gamma is successful, the Lambda male is not. You can commonly find them scrolling on grindr by themselves at 2AM and crying.
Phi Male The phi male can be considered one of the possible "evolutions" of the Lambda Male. Phi Males are rejected by both cis women and transgender women and as a last resort decide to be Transgender Women. The most popular example of this would be Christine Chandler. "If you can't get a girlfriend, become the girlfriend"
Omega Male This is a dangerous male. After being rejected many times this male becomes enraged with the world. An Omega Male will plan and commit an act of terrorism due to his involuntary celibacy. These males do not come from a vacuum and they tend to go down the Beta to Lambda to Phi To Omega pipeline. A popular example would be Ted Khazinski who struggled with females, tried to become transgender but backed out and then sent bombs in the mail. Omega Males are usually failed Phi Males and Lambda Males that can't take the torment of life anymore.