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England's pubs reopen as officials warn it is not "risk-free"

While new infections are declining in the United Kingdom, the country still has the highest death toll in Europe.

England’s Globe Theatre at risk amid coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has put the future of many theaters in peril, and landmarks such as the replica of William Shakespeare’s beloved Globe Theatre in London have not been spared from the consequences of lockdown orders. Imtiaz Tyab visits the world-renowned stage to see how it is determined to survive.

Divers find evidence of America's first mines — and 9 skeletons

Experts have found ocher mines that are some of the oldest on the continent.

China's role in the United States' July 4 fireworks displays

While fireworks displays around the country have been called off over coronavirus concerns, some Americans have taken it upon themselves to create their own celebrations, using backyard fireworks -- often imported from China. Ramy Inocencio speaks to the person responsible for purchasing for Phantom Fireworks, who says their business would "cease to exist" without China's production.

London reopens pubs, hair salons after coronavirus lockdown

England is lifting some of its coronavirus restrictions Saturday, as the global tally for confirmed cases exceeds 11 million. People who are eager to get their hair cut can return to salons and barber shops, while those in need of a pint can go back to their favorite pubs. Roxana Saberi is in London to explain how the lifting of restrictions, nicknamed "Super Saturday," is playing out.

20-year-old scuba diver killed in shark attack

The attack happened not far from where 23-year-old Queensland wildlife ranger Zachary Robba was fatally mauled by a great white shark in April.

Civil rights leader Andrew Young says racism is based on fear

The former colleague of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, and later U.N. Ambassador, tells CBS News, "We're going to have to come together."

Serena Williams' daughter looks like a tennis pro at age 2

An adorable video shows the doubles partners high-fiving before Olympia walks off the court — dropping her racket for her mother to pick up.

Hair weaves from Chinese prison camps seized in NY

13-ton shipment suspected to be made out of human hair taken from ethnic minorities locked inside a Chinese internment camp.

England puts U.S. on travel "red list"

People from nations with a "reduced risk" of coronavirus will soon be allowed to visit the UK without self-isolating.

20 Khashoggi murder suspects on trial in Turkey in absentia

Two former aides of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman are among them. The suspects, all Saudis, fled to the kingdom and some were tried there.

Jane Goodall: If humans don't change "we're going to destroy ourselves"

The world-renowned conservationist desperately wants the world to pay attention to what she sees as the greatest threat to humanity's existence.

Extinctions raise risk of "biological annihilation," study warns

"We cannot separate ourselves from the natural world," said legendary conservationist Jane Goodall. "We continue to destroy it at our peril."

Amazon fires increase in June, raising concerns

The fires raise even more concern during the coronavirus pandemic, as the smoke could add complications for COVID-19 patients.

Iran reports 2nd mysterious "incident" near a nuclear facility

"No need for concern," Iran's atomic energy agency says, revealing previously unreported construction was ongoing at the sensitive Natanz nuclear facility.

COVID-19 vaccine sees early positive results

Pfizer and BioNTech reported encouraging signs in early clinical trials of a possible COVID-19 vaccine. The small study triggered stronger immune responses in recipients. More than 15 different possible vaccines are being tested on people worldwide. Dr. David Agus joined "CBS This Morning" with the latest on the global vaccine effort.

Motivated by son Beau, Biden pledges help for burn pit victims

Biden has detailed how his son Beau, who died of brain cancer in 2015, was exposed to burn pits in Iraq.

Travelers from low-infection countries welcomed in Greece after it successfully fought off COVID-19

On the Greek island of Skiathos, residents have been enjoying a coronavirus-free few months. With huge reliance on tourism, they're opening their borders to international travelers this week, but not to Americans. The opening is being welcomed by locals who will miss their favorite American tourists, CBS News foreign correspondent Holly Williams hears. She shares what the new normal in paradise looks like.

Something is killing elephants by the hundreds in Botswana

Wildlife official says poachers not suspected in mysterious deaths in Okavango Delta as animals' tusks were intact.

Why Japan just scrapped a $4 billion U.S. missile defense purchase

Tokyo agreed to buy 2 Aegis Ashore systems under pressure from Trump, but with him now distracted and Japanese residents fuming, the deal is off.

Landslide kills more than 100 people at a jade mine in Myanmar

Advocacy group says powerful mine owners have created a "dystopian wasteland in which scores of people at a time are buried alive."

24 shot dead in attack on drug rehab center in Mexico

Photos purporting to show the scene suggest those at the center were lying down when they were sprayed with bullets.

More than 300 protesters arrested in Hong Kong

Authorities in Hong Kong used water cannons and pepper spray to disperse thousands of pro-democracy protesters and arrested more than 300 people. The protesters oppose new national security laws that aim to crack down on dissent.

Judge blocks Trump's asylum restriction for border-crossers

The implementation of the rule — which disqualified most non-Mexican migrants from asylum — violated federal administrative law, the judge said.

Russians vote on reforms that could allow Putin to rule until 2036

Strongman leader insists current constitutional term limits would only lead to a distracting search for a successor, and Russia doesn't need that.

300 arrested as China's new "security" law hits Hong Kong

Only 9 of those detained amid defiant pro-democracy protests were specifically accused of breaking the new law, but the message from Beijing is clear.

100.4° Arctic record confirmed; Earth may be warmest in 12,000 years

As the extreme northern heat wave continues, it's so warm in Norway people are skiing on glaciers in swimsuits.

1,000-year-old British flour mill helps bread-making during lockdown

The popularity of baking bread during coronavirus lockdowns led to an increased demand for flour. Ian Lee gets a tour of a 1,000-year-old mill in Southwest England grinding to rescue with flour power.

White House slams leakers as Congress demands more answers on alleged Russian bounties

The White House is railing against "targeted leaks" as questions swirl over an alleged Russian plot to kill U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Lawmakers are demanding more information about the intelligence, saying initial briefings from the White House fell short. Ben Tracy reports.

Indian groom may have been COVID super-spreader at his own wedding

Man had typical COVD-19 symptoms but families reportedly refused to postpone the ceremony. Now he's dead and almost 100 are infected.

Man jailed over journalist Daniel Pearl's murder may be freed

Pearl was kidnapped and beheaded in Pakistan in 2002 while working on a story about Islamic militants.

Study warns new flu virus in pigs could morph to cause a pandemic

"It is of concern that human infection of G4 virus will further human adaptation and increase the risk of a human pandemic," Chinese researchers say.

Italy reports "biggest seizure of amphetamines in the world"

War-torn Syria has become the capital of Captagon, as ISIS produces the drug to fight and fund its terror operations.

Child marriage is "extremely prevalent" in U.S., survivor says

In Donna Pollard's family, there has been a child marriage in every generation for as far back as she could track.

EU reopening its borders, but not to Americans

The European Union will reopen its border to visitors from 15 countries but is barring any visitors from the United States. Holly Williams reports.

Desperate Syrian refugees are selling their organs to survive

One single mother told CBS News she sold her liver for $4,000, enough money to pay two years' rent for her family

Koalas are on track to go extinct in a part of Australia before 2050

Even before New South Wales was hit by devastating fires, koalas were threatened.

EU reopening its borders, but not to Americans

While most of Europe has successfully reduced new cases of the coronavirus​, America's numbers continue to climb.

Virtual safaris bring nature into homes, but at what cost to conservation?

With millions of people at home due to coronavirus lockdowns, companies like WildEarth are bringing majestic animals from the heart of the African wilderness to the comfort of home. Debora Patta takes "CBS This Morning" on the virtual safaris bringing joy to thousands of Americans, but also hears warnings that the lack of tourists could have a damaging impact on conservation efforts in Africa.

Americans expected to be barred from traveling to Europe when it reopens

Americans will reportedly be barred from traveling to Europe when it reopens its borders later this week due to the rising coronavirus cases in the United States. Holly Williams is in Athens, where American tourist dollars are a vital part of the economy.

India bans TikTok, dozens of other Chinese apps amid border standoff

TikTok, a video-sharing platform that has been downloaded 611 million times in India, is among the apps targeted as the Asian giants feud.

After 500,000 deaths, worst of pandemic is "yet to come"

WHO chief say six months since the new coronavirus outbreak, the pandemic is still far from over.

U.S.-China tension mounts as Hong Kong hit with controversial new law

Beijing vows "countermeasures" for U.S. ban on military exports to Hong Kong as region's leader insists new law won't erode freedoms.

Austria facing lawsuit over huge COVID outbreak at popular ski resort

Ischgl is a renowned winter party town in the Alps. It has a higher rate of coronavirus infections among its population than anywhere else in the world.

Synthetic coronavirus vaccine in development in the UK could be easier to mass produce

There is encouraging news on a new type of coronavirus vaccine being developed in Britain. If effective, the vaccine could potentially be cheaper and easier to mass produce than others. Roxana Saberi reports.

White Island volcano survivors sue Royal Caribbean and New Zealand tour company

Matt and Lauren Urey survived a deadly volcanic eruption while on their honeymoon in New Zealand in December 2019. They are now filing a lawsuit against Royal Caribbean and I.D. Tours New Zealand Ltd., claiming they did not warn them of heightened volcanic activity on the island ahead of the excursion to Whakaari/White Island. In their first U.S. network TV interview, the newlyweds open up to Anthony Mason about the terrifying eruption and difficult months of recovery.

India's hospitals overwhelmed as coronavirus slams country

Hospitals in India are turning away patients as the number of coronavirus cases in the country continues to increase. Meanwhile, tensions are running high with neighboring China following a deadly border clash. The New York Times' South Asia bureau chief Jeffrey Gettleman joins CBSN to discuss the latest.

Tanker full of oil decaying amid Yemen's civil war could blow up

Five years without maintenance has made the "Safer" and its 1 million barrels of crude an "imminent environmental and humanitarian catastrophe."

Pompeii seen through a different lens amid coronavirus restrictions

As countries slowly lift their restrictions on movement, some of the world's best known attractions are reopening. The ancient ruins of Pompeii in Italy are now allowing tourists back inside. Chris Livesay was among the first visitors and reports on what's changed at the famed site since the lockdown was loosened.

AP: China using widespread forced birth control on Muslim minority

One expert says government efforts to slash births among Uighurs and other minorities amount to "slow, painful, creeping genocide."