Is Getgle Trustworthy?

No website is really trustworthy, however Getgle puts an effort in to make it so you don't have to trust me. If you think is shady then just load up TOR and connect. I don't block TOR IP's or require javascript anywhere on Getgle so there is nothing stopping you from maintaining your own security. Getgle is more trustworthy than 99% of websites for that fact alone. It's ironic though because most people who screech about Getgle not being trustworthy are usually doing it from Discord or Facebook, two websites that publically track your location everywhere you go and require non-free javascript to run. Your security is in your own hands, don't bareback websites.

Why is Getgle so weird looking / why does it look old?

I enjoy the way that old websites look. It used to have a more minimalistic homepage but recently I changed it to something more full featured and retro looking. My dream for Getgle was to have a website so large that people would look at it and be utterly confused, this is something I've succeeded at. People get legitmately angry because of the way Getgle looks and I honestly find it hilarious everytime.

Where do I get the transparent Getgle Hat image? I want to make a maymay.

Getgle Hat - [view]
Getgle Hat (Flipped) - [view]

Are you Getindor from Youtube?

Yes, I also go by "Getgle" on irc and get52 / 25teg in other places. Fuck BSD.

Does Getgle have SSL?

A lot of people end up under the impression that Getgle doesn't have SSL because it doesn't force it on the end user but it actually does. Simply put https:// before the url and it'll work. The reason I don't force SSL is because forced SSL keeps legacy browsers from connecting.

Are you schizophrenic?

I wasn't originally but I'm definitely getting there.

Honorable Mentions / Credits

/drive/ - Xultra - urlogic - rajesh - denny

everything else on getgle is made by me

I am offended. / I have a DMCA request

Yeah, good, ok. Send me hatemail at or my backup email

You can also scream at me on #getgle at