So deep. 😔 No. 554

So you think🤔🤨this is a joke😡😠? My sister👧 died💀☠ at the age of only 13 months when I👧? was 6 years old🧒? My parents👨?👩?have been divorced😪😪 since I👧?was a baby👶?, and they both went through a divorce😭😭 with my stepmom👩 and stepdad👺. I 👧?was (and even though I don't see 👀him anymore, still am) emotionally😰☹and verbally abused🤬🤬 by my stepdad👹. My stepdad😈 is trying to take me👧?and my sisters👧👧away from my mom👩? because he is butthurt😤😠that they divorced😭😖4 years ago (he has the mental🧠 capacity of a child🧒♿). I👧?have been bullied👊😱😧 since junior kindergarten👶?. I👧?didn't have friends👧?👧?till the end of 4th grade😩😩. Should I👧? go on😔😵? ​ Just because I👧?am ''only 14 years old'' doesn't mean I👧? haven't been through some stuff😡😡. And If you👨 did your research?? Getgle's age limit is 18 +. And (as you👨 mentioned) I👧? am 14, which is within their age limitations😌?.