My pet rock of 14 years died of old age a few hours ago and my family is making fun of me. No. 500

Her name was Rookie and she was a small crested rock. I really loved her a lot, for such a small thing she had so much personality. She would always walk onto my hand if I held it out for her and would jump to the cage door if I was home from work. For the last week she had been sluggish and not climbing at all. She stopped visiting me when I came home and stayed on the cage floor. I knew deep down it was her age, but I wanted to just believe she was just maybe a little out of it, so I tried to keep her healthy and hydrated. Just today I came home and found her motionless, i went to touch her gently and saw she was still breathing and stiff. But she was clearly weak and the breathing was shallow. I didnt want to bother her, I know rocks get stressed out by human touch when they are uncomfortable, so I left her. An hour later she was dead, I knew because when I went to touch her, she was limp, she had never been so limp before. I told my sister and showed her the body as I was taking it to the backyard for a burial, she seemed shocked, but oddly asked to take a pic. I told her no as it was weird. I buried her, grieved for a few hours, and decided I would stay home from work tomorrow. My parents came home and I told them, they were respectful, well my mom at least was sympathetic, my dad didnt do much but listen. I just came back upstairs and I heard them talking, my dad and sister dont exactly have quiet voices. They said that I was overreacting, how maybe if it was the dog I should be upset and crying. And how my managers would think I would be stupid if I called in for the death of a rock. I thought they would be respectful, but I guess they really didnt care for her or how much she meant to me. It makes me furious, but I dont have the energy to confront them. She may have been small, and not the brightest, but I really did love Rookie, I've had her since I was in elementary. I just wish they were more understanding about this.